Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back on the Water; Back on Blog!

So I've been absent for a few weeks. I don't really have a reason except that there wasn't much to write about and I've been lazy.

However, last night I FINALLY got to out for a Wednesday night sail. It had been far too long.

To kick things off, we (the Captain and crew of Tango Too) weren't sure that there was even going to be a race. Lack of wind, not enough boats...etc. However enough boats eventually showed up that we were able to race. The wind was so slight tho, I was sure they would call it off before we started. Maybe I just went out expecting the race, for some reason, not to happen. Almost two months without racing will do that to you. [sigh].

Anyway, RC (race committee) made it a short, 4 mark course. We didn't start great which was a killer in this nothing air and we proceeded to drift for the next 45 mins.

We fiddled with the spinnaker; nothing.
We put down the spinnaker and took out the headsail; nothing.
Our knot meter kept a steady 0.00 - I know, awesome right?

Granted, the tide was coming in and we were making some headway; I could see it using the shore as a reference point; just not enough.

So we did what all racers (or at least the ones I sail with) do when the wind is dead and you're just drifting; we broke out the beer.

Suddenly, we get a little puff.
We drink some more.

More air...
We finish our beers.

We're moving at just shy of 3 knots past all the boats that left us behind at the start!

RC had decided to call the race at the first mark so we ended up finishing somewhere in the middle (we needed more beers on hand next time since the wind caught up to everyone else once we hit the middle) which was good for us. Still have to see how we do considering PHRF times tho...

It felt so good to finally be out on the water again; it still shocks me how much I miss it when I haven't been out in a while. Last night also makes my 199th day out on the water according to my logbook of seatime I've been keeping for my Captain's licence. I'm going to have to celebrate my 200th day with a sail and party soon.

Annapolis Race Week is coming up as well. Labor Day weekend can't come soon enough. We did OK last year but I'm hoping we can edge up a bit even though it feels like we haven't been out nearly as much (its probably about the same though minus a race to Oxford).

In other news, I'm flying back down to New Orleans and I'm looking forward to not to being in a sketchy hotel this time. Instead of ordering pizza delivery and hoping I don't get stabbed, this time I thought I might go out and try some local favorites.  I'm thinking House of Blues and visiting Cafe Du Monde.

Any suggestions?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rebedding and Beach Bars

Work has certainly been catching up on me! In addition, I haven't had internet in my apartment for almost a week now and won't until Tuesday - maybe. I'm writing this post from a Panera where the Chipotle Chicken sandwich really hit the spot.

Anyhow, I was able to get some work done on Surprise the weekend. Friday, my dad and I (with the help of my little sister who fits nicely in the stern locker) were able to take out the starboard stern cleat, clean out the holes, mix up some epoxy and fill the screw holes.

My dad tells me smart way to add sealant to the screw is that when you add it, you have to make sure to NOT tighten the screw all the way. That way when you do tighten it, it acts as the gasket that its supposed to. If you don't and just tighten it up all the way when you put the sealant on, it forces the sealant out and then there's no reason to have put the sealant there in the first place.

We let the resin cure and yesterday my dad was going to finish up rebedding the cleat. I'm sure he did but I was busy boating over to Rolph's Wharf Marina to preform the Captain Black Beach Bar Inspection that was scheduled for that afternoon.

The bar was an old crabbing boat that had been converted and it was really cool looking.  The seats were repurposed barrels that gave the beach bar an almost pirate-feel to it. Hung out there for the day and then cruised on back to the Magothy.

Still working on research boats and trying to find a good blue water cruiser for cheap. I've even resorted to making spreadsheets.

Today I'm taking it easy but I hope everyone had a good weekend that, despite the blazing sun, was a great boating weekend.

Friday, August 6, 2010


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