Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My First Post

Hey all. 

Welcome to Captain's Black's Sea Chronicles. I've laid out a bit of what you're going to get by reading/following these chronicles to let you know where all of this is headed and also, to keep me focused.

What You're Going to Get: This is basically going to be about me and my sailing adventures. 

That includes my continuing work towards my captain's license, my weekend outings out on the Chesapeake and connected waterways, possibly some Wednesday & Sunday night races (if I can work out some type of deal at work to leave early on Wednesdays), repair/general work notes, maybe a bit about shipping, sailing related thoughts and musings, my inevitable attempts to buy a boat, prep work for my circumnavigation and eventually the log entries of my circumnavigation. 

I have a lot to do so there is no time like now, the beginning of sailing season 2010, to get started.


  1. captain black, welcome to blogging. I saw your introduction over at "messing about in sailboats". looking forward to reading about your sailing adventures.

    cheers, my2fish

  2. my2fish, thank you for the comment. I look forward to having more to write about!