Friday, March 26, 2010


I don't know about this weather. It was 71 and sunny out yesterday and now its just barely 40 with rain and just plain shitty weather. Either way, good weather or bad, the plan is to do some work on Surprise Saturday and Sunday; probably sanding which I am not fond of.

As much as I dislike sanding, (the wood particles always seem to infiltrate my eyes, nose & throat and act as mini-splinters to all three), I  like having a nice looking boat. My dad is looking at upgrading to a Vagabond 42, his dream boat, and he just found one that's price has just slipped into his range. I think he's going to go take a look at it down in VA on Sunday.

He was recently looking at Hans Christian 43 that he found on an auction website for 25K but even the low price wasn't enough to compensate for the amount of work that would have to have been put in to make it a wicked stellar boat. Well hell, even just a solid boat in good condition.

Anyhow, either case will be great for me. With my dad looking to upgrade, I get the handme down Surprise when he does; which is what I want and am very excitedly looking forward to. I'm going to have to pay for it of course but with all the work we've thrown into her, I know her inside and out. Plus I'm planning to keep all the electronics we updated only a year ago (new VHF, depthfinder, autopilot and GPS) and with the new cockpit cushions and door we plan to install, I'm very seriously considering  liveaboard plans.

Right now I just plan to put some more work into my future boat.

Also, for any readers who are interested, there is a webcam of Annapolis Harbor that you can access from the Annapolis Yacht Club's website. With the Annapolis Harbor View, you can see the mooring balls and out into the Severn River. The Eastport/Spa Creek view shows you what you would see if you panned to the right after viewing the Annapolis Harbor View. There is another webcam available on the Annapolis City's homepage (upper lefthand side) but its very grainy and not really worth it.

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