Friday, December 10, 2010

End of the 2010 Sailing Season

Wow. Has it really almost been three weeks since my last post? Far too long.

Well I finally got to check out that Mercator and it doesn't look like its going to work out for me.

Pros: The hull was pretty solid with no evidence of blistering. The engine was pretty new and was functional. The price was also definitely a pro.

Cons: The inside was pretty badly torn up, the cabin needed some serious work, it would probably need complete new running and standing rigging as well as cabin top overhaul. It would be some serious work and even then, at the end of the day, its just too small. I was hopeful but alas....At least I know it'll be less painful in the long run to think with my head and not just fall in love with a project boat.

In other news, Surprise got moved last weekend and should be up on the hard as of this last Monday. I decided to move it Saturday since it was going to be crazy windy on Sunday. Had some help from two of my friends (both named Mike) which made it a little confusing whenever I had to direct one of them to do something but we got it tied up and safe in a reasonable amount of time.

So Surprise is out of the water and so ends my 2010 sailing season...At least there's always next year ...[sigh].

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