Friday, January 21, 2011

Decemberists in January!?!? - Yep

So I recently purchased the new Decemberists album - The King is Dead, which is pretty good and worth a quick trot over to Amazon to check out if you're into that kind of folksy music. Quick word though; if you're going to buy it, make sure to get it from Amazon as its a few bucks cheaper than iTunes and it doesn't have the same DRM protection.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the album and thought I should share. Below is the first song which really kicks off the album.

While that is a great song, I have a college friend coming down for the weekend and while he would graciously endure this song, he would speak up at the end, almost as an interjection and say "Hey um, Pete....? I'm gonna change this."

So in his honor, and since I won a free happy hour for this evening, I give you something slightly more peppier for this more overcast weekend. Something to to go out and party to as well as remind me that spring and launch time aren't that far away...

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