Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lose my Thread

So I've finally gotten my internet back up thanks to the people over at the MD corporate office of Comcast. Seriously, if you have any problems with Comcast, tweet @comcastcares and they answer you 10x faster than their automated phone system does.

Been able to get some sailing in these past few weeks which has been good. Had the tactician from one of the other boats we race against come over and show us a few cool new moves that we've been putting to work on Wednesdays. If you race and don't set the spinnaker from the cabin, I would seriously reconsider. It now takes a 1/3 or 1/4 the time that it used to, to set the spin.

I also had my car broken into this past week which has really sucked. Broke my driver side window for an iPod. I'm seriously considering leaving my car unlocked because anything they steal would cost me less than it costs me to replace the freaking window. Luckily, the lady-friend was able to get me a deal on the glass replacement. I'm becoming a pretty consistent customer at the body shop which is no good.

Anyway, hopefully I'll have some more time to blog coming up. Alas... in the mean time, please enjoy this throwback.


  1. sailing = good
    car break-in = bad
    comcast = worst of the bunch

    keep sailing!

  2. Alan Parsons Project = flashback

  3. Thanks my2fish! That's the plan!

    @Baydog: a good kind of flashback?

  4. Yes, good flashback! Brilliant album. Had it first on 8 track. I had to shove a matchbook in the player to keep the tape from wobbling. Yes, I am old.

  5. Yeah, in this weather, I leave the windows down, sun top open. Make like it's a convertible. All they can steal are my parking cards. Or the car (which would be a blessing!).