Monday, July 25, 2011

Hace Calor!

So can we all agree that this weekend was ridiculously hot?

Yes? Ok good.

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, I spent most of my weekend outside. 

Saturday, I hung-out poolside like a dehydrated lounge lizard. The coldest the pool got was lukewarm, which was why, after about 30 mins, I opted to stay in the shade and pray for the occasional breeze.

Sunday was more interesting with a racing practice on Mazel Tov, the J/120 I'm racing on for the Governor's Cup. It was my first time with an asymmetrical spinnaker and let me tell you; boats with a bowsprit are soooooooooo much easier to gybe than symmetrical spinnakers with the pole. Hauling up and dousing are about the same but the gybe is relatively nice and easy which is good, since with an asymmetrical spin, you can't go dead downwind, which means you end up gybing quite a bit more.

The crew, aside from myself and the other foredeck guy, are older but seem to be quite a bit of fun so far.

I came back from practice dehydrated again but fixed that after about 3 more liters of water (3 Nalgenes) 

Next weekend is the Great Bay Race and then the weekend after that is the Governor's Cup. I'll try to take some more pictures so I can share with my scurvy readership. 


  1. the races sound like they'll be a blast. looking forward to the pics.

    and yes, this weekend (and all last week) were hot as hell.

  2. I got some pics of this past Wednesday I'll have to put up.