Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Which Captain's Licence Should I Go For? & Summer 2012 Plans

The above video is a quick explanation of the different types of Captain's licences. I am still working on the necessary sea time for my own 6-Pack license but I probably won't have that for another couple years.

In an effort to remedy that situation and despite taking summer law classes this year (meaning I won't be able to sail Wednesday nights in Round Bay), I hope to do most of my studying this summer aboard Surprise, our family's 30' Catalina. 

If I can actually stick to that plan, it will cutoff my internet access (read: main source of distraction), allow me to do some distraction-free studying, give me the time to do some boatwork, as well as pickup some additional sea days.

Doing law school at night while working full time is often a stressful juggling act and I'm hoping to balance out the stress with some sailing this summer.

Since you're probably interested in what the requirements for these licenses are, check out the U.S. Coast Guard's website which gives you all the detailed info.

BTW: In an effort to further my writing and professional website development skills, I will be migrating my writing over to a new website as soon as I get it set up. It will be much of the same content but (I hope) it will incorporate more law and law school related writings.

I'll let you all know what the site is once it's looking decent.

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