Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hurricane Musings 2010

I figured that when my insurance company, USAA (great company BTW), sent me Hurricane Preparedness stuff, it was just another email that they send out every so often. I missed the memo that it was National Hurricane Preparedness Week. Anyhow, it seems that this season is going to be a bit rough in terms of hurricanes. At least that is what the NOAA is saying, and I kinda trust them. Well...theres definitely a 75% chance that I trust them on any given day.

The currently accepted reason for this more intense upcoming hurricane season is the warming weather trend that has been happening the past few years (AKA the weakening of El Nino).

If you're interested in tracking some of these storms, a good website I found was Moreweather.com's Atlantic Basin Tropical Weather Page. Personally, I love Weather Underground as most of you could probably tell by the widget on the uppermost right corner of this page. 

If you want your own Hurricane Tracking Chart, there is one available here

If you're interested in how the Atlantic Basin hurricanes are indices of climate change, thats available here. I didn't read it but it looks interesting if you have the attention span.

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