Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Linstead Pursuit Race of 2010

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Sailed in the Linstead Cup Pursuit Race last Saturday. It was hot as hell out and muggy to boot. 

It was a typical sailing race. We all got there mostly on time, our battery was dead so we had to race around to find a different one that would power the instruments. The first alternate we tried was almost dead and only had enough juice to make the instruments whine like crazy. The second one held up after we cleaned the connection. We didn't get the best start because the wind never holds up away from the line like it does AT the line so we were a bit behind there. The good thing was we didn't go aground like two other boats and our boat did a few years back so that was good.

We came in not quite middle of the pack but the boat we were sailing on was built for lighter winds (so my Captain tells me). Overall I think we did ok but it took too long to get the spinnaker up (my fault) because we had to switch which side we put it up on (Captain is never at fault - see previous fault) although there were too many hands trying to help which merely complicated things. Other than that, I would say we really held our own. 

Good crew, good race, cold beer - hard to beat that on a Saturday.


  1. Yes, all three are hard to beat on any day (that ends with a "y")!

  2. Very true Doc. If only that were everyday...