Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Great Bay Race

Had the Great Bay Race this past Saturday. It was hot as the blazes out but I managed. Rub in a little sunscreen, drink some water, and pray for wind.

We didn't have the greatest start but managed to keep up pretty well. Started with 7 boats but at least 2 dropped out. Possibly 3. The first boat to finish (Jubilee), I'm pretty sure, didn't round the first mark. Avalon, the first boat to round the first mark, called them on it. We finished third but will probably do worse with corrected time. We'll see though. I blame the 40 mins we were all just drifting because the wind died.

Anyhow, below are some of the pics from the race and the ride back to HHN:

 Spence, my co-foredeck guy

 Nice to be in the front of the pack every once in awhile..

 Coyote. See you again at Annapolis Race Week.

End of another good day. Let's wrap this up at Calypso Bay...


  1. This is a reminder never to sail the Chesapeake in summer. Why is it so much different than the wind machine known as Barnegat Bay?

  2. Hard to say Baydog. August is especially fickle wind-wise down here. September always ramps up and more than makes up for the weak August winds though so Race Week shouldn't be too bad.