Friday, July 30, 2010

Compass Headings

Earlier this week I ordered a bunch of sailing books off of Amazon so I can start picking out the right kind of boat I plan to buy as well as some know-how to living aboard.

So now I'm seriously looking at boats. I'm still probably another few months out (hopefully not too much further than that but one can never tell) from actually buying one. I found a good boat for a pretty good price on and my heart started to flutter. It makes me excited and nervous at the same time. Excited for the possibilities and nervous because it is such a commitment and to me, signifies a big step forward in my life plans.

For sometime I feel like I have been at a crossroad. Time keeps pushing me down one road but there are still numerous other roads out there that I would like to take.

I feel like the life I "should" be living is the typical "get a job, get a wife, get a house, get some kids...etc." I can't really tell you where this belief that this is "typical" came from but its something I want to actively avoid because it seems boring to me and if I'm bored and in a routine, I'm not happy.

Then there's the life I would like to be living "go to grad school, get a better paying job, get some experience, open your own office...etc." Still doable and more fun but not quite enough.

Then there is the life that is somewhere between need and dream about which is "buy a boat, fix it up, sail around the world, make millions...etc." I would be OK with this.

The tough thing is fitting all the things I want to do into a livable life and be able to sustain both myself and my future family.

I'm sorry for the Quarter-Life Crisis I seem to be vomiting all over the page here but its been on my mind lately. My attempt at doing everything is hopefully going to look something like this...

1. Buy a boat/go to grad school while keeping my current job (I'm not sure which one I'm going to do first but I really want to buy a boat and if I live on it, its a much better option that renting an apartment - Cheap Rent in DC for 1 year $700x12 months = $8,400 which is money much better spent on, invested in a boat - let's be real.)

2. Having saved money by keeping my job, I finish grad school while planning and preparing for my circumnavigation. (This means fixing up the boat I bought and making it appropriately seaworthy if she isn't already).

3. Circumnavigate the globe while continuing to blog about my adventures.

4. Return home, maybe write a book, and maybe open my own office/figure out a way to get paid for sailing. 

5. Make millions.

Sprinkle starting a family, and racing in the America's Cup in there somewhere too. 

I am aware that this looks like it flies in the face of my "Unplan" post I did earlier but I am actually listing this under goals and general directions and not setting it to any kind of timeline. I'm not just floating and drifting about anymore, but taking the things I want to do most and trying to get somewhere.


  1. yeah, if you figure out #5 please let me know.

    because I'd like to skip right to that one. then build a giant house to make the wife happy (preferably on a nice lake - to make me happy), and then spend all day playing with my 3 sons and sailing in between.

    man, that sounds great to me.

    your plan/unplan is pretty sweet, though, too. I like your plan to research the boat models, though. it will help you find the perfect model to sail the globe. I feel like I'm so much more aware now, and won't ever buy a 40+ year old Sunfish again...

    cheers, my2fish

  2. Anyone have any dramamine? Yes, #5 would go to the top of my list. And maybe I've not been trying hard enough to figure out how to achieve that particular goal. You have, it seems, a wide array of achievable, somewhat achievable, and maybe less achievable goals listed. But they are all goals nonetheless, and that is more than can be said for a whole boatload of people. For what would you go to grad school, may I ask?

  3. The plan is go to grad school for Psychology. I had grappled with going to law school but my work at a law practice pretty much dissuaded me. I plan on going for a masters first and then taking things from there.

  4. I also felt like you re the typical life. One day you will just wake up and be ready for it.

  5. Thanks for the comment Smilicus! The thing is though if I could, I'd love to load up and go tomorrow. But I'm not quite ready yet. I certainly have the drive and I'm working on the experience and working towards the funds.