Saturday, July 3, 2010

NOLA - Round 2

Back in New Orleans for July 4th!

Author's note: That is a picture of the Superdome in New Orleans.
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  1. My beloved NY Giants have a slight edge in the
    W-L record against the Saints in that building (21-19). Surprising; after all of the crappy Saints' seasons, I would have guessed a better showing for the Big Blue. Peter, there are so many Catalina 30s on Barnegat Bay. Before I bought my Pearson 303, I looked at 3 Cat 30's, and was real close. Plan a cruise up my way and we'll grill at Tice's Shoal and spin a few yarns!

  2. Yeah, the Catalina 30s and the Pearson 303s are quite similar and both great boats. Thank you for the invite, I'll definitely have to make my way up there. Given all the tantalizing pictures of food you post, I'm sure the grilling would be done just right too!