Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tides, Anchors and the Dropping of Some Serious Sailing Knowledge!

There is a blog I've found recently that has had some really good articles about sailing and accompanying issues. Its NauticEd and its an online sailing school that explores some really interesting issues that, as a sailor, I'm not always really thinking about.

There is one on which type of anchor is best for what kind of bottom and a really in-depth look at tides, which frankly, I thought I had a pretty good grasp on until I read this article. Most recently (today) is a tip about food packaging when chartering a boat and how a little preperation can help you keep things in order.
This picture is property of NauticEd Blog

One of the older ones, though not much older, explains why you generally have to overshoot a mark on an upwind course because of the drift down that you will incur. Stuff like that. If you're looking for some sailing knowledge, definitely check out this blog.

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