Wednesday, July 14, 2010

George Bush Sr. Needs Navigation Lessons

It seems not even a person who has held the highest office is immune from grounding every now and then. If I'm not mistaken, the saying is that there are two types of boaters who have never gone aground; those who lie about it and those who never go out. At least we now know that the former president doesn't fall into either category.

President George H. W. Bush was found grounded near his home in Kennebunkport, ME. Fidelity IV, his 38 ft Fountain Center Console, was grounded after a wave push his boat onto the beach and low tide was approaching, stranding his boat on Gooch's Beach for several hours on Monday.

1. Charts. Charts. Charts. - They're a good thing to have and look at.
2. Stay away from beaches before low tide?

No one was hurt but according to the former president's personal aide, Jim Appleby, the boat sustained some minor damage but was still in running condition after they got it off the beach Monday evening.

I also found this video of the former president having a navigation fight with the dock. Damn swells!

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  1. Dammit! I just found gCaptain's post about this looks exactly like mine and he posted it yesterday. I suppose the search term "George+Bush+Boat" come up with similar results for everyone these days...

  2. Well, I feel for Geo Bush (Sr) a little bit because of his age and his still trying to stay buoyant a while longer. I guess that's because of his age that I'm willing to cut him some slack. Even though he's a power-boater. But if you find anything on his ne'er do well son, George W., Let me know. I want to be the first to comment on that ........... smucker.

  3. Will do Doc! I kinda feel for Sr. as well. At least he's out there floating around....well at least trying to.

  4. There Doc goes with the age thing again!