Monday, April 5, 2010

The Beginning of Spring

This was quite a productive weekend for me.

I got off early on Thursday and after visiting my local dive shop, Sea Colony Aqua Sports, and finding out some prices for renting diving equipment and picking up some screws from the hardware store, I made my way down to Surprise. I had to check out the diving equipment rental prices since, not only am I planning on cleaning the bottom of the Surprise next weekend, but I'd like to see if I can make some extra boat money scrubbing other people's boats as well this season and I'd like to know what its going to cost me.

Anyhow, no time like the present right?  I got onboard and took out the hand sander and got to work topside. I was able to do it a lot faster with the hand sander than I had anticipated and I stained both sides with the cetol in pretty short order. I was on such a roll I stained the step into the cabin as well, since it had been sanded during my dad's and my new hatch door misadventure and hadn't been touched since.

While I was waiting for those to dry up, I put the new screws into the bottom of the whiteboard and since those were a bit bigger, they bit and held on nicely.

The new Surprise whiteboard

Afterwards, I took a note out of O Dock's handbook and relaxed a bit. Enjoyed some LandShark, read a bit more of my book, and took a nap.

Saturday, after my dad and I put some jib rollers onto our middle shroud, we took Surprise out for a calibration run. With all the relatively new instruments, we like to calibrate them every so often. The wind was blowing 9-17 knots out on the Magothy and it was a bit chilly out by 1600 so we didn't put the sails up but did accomplish the calibrations at least. I also the learned the different wind forces (AKA the Beaufort Scale) as well which helps put the "we were in Force 9 winds!" dock talk into better perspective.

My dad at the helm

View going into Magothy Marina

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