Friday, April 23, 2010

Dock Talk is Helping Me Go Places!

Let me back up a second. 

So about 2 month ago or thereabouts, I thought it would be a good idea to look into how much renting diving equipment would be. I am open water certified and I figured that people in my area were probably looking for someone to scrub the bottom of their boats for relatively cheap given that we have a bunch of racers in the area and the cleaner the bottom, the faster the boat.

The problem is that I have a tendency to procrastinate and and be a bit lazy at times. Not always. Far from always. But sometimes. 

I did look into prices though, which was good. But that was about it. I still haven't dug out my wetsuit or found my open water dive cert.

However, while I was helping out Race Committee on Wednesday, there was a woman there who I've known for quite some time. She helped out at my brother's Cub Scout meetings, worked with my high school band as a chaperone, and I've raced against her and her husband most Wednesdays last season.

Anyway, she mentioned that she needed the bottom of their boat cleaned and wasn't looking forward to their usual person since they scrub too hard and take off the paint (which really is intense and they are scrubbing too hard). I felt the time to seize opportunity was upon me. 

I let her know I was open water certified and she asked if I would be available this weekend to which I responded I was.

I'm pretty stoked. It'd be nice to have a little dive/boat bottom-cleaning business on the side. I'd get some dives in and make some money on the side. Not a bad deal. 

Now I just gotta do it...

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