Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Night Races Start Today!

So I'm pretty excited.

However, the way that Round Bay Sailing Association (RBSA) does it is that every boat captain that signs up has to be RC (race committee) at least one Wednesday and my captain, at least twice in a row now, has taken the first race of the season to be RC to get it out of the way. So no actual racing today (unless someone needs a foredeck guy this week). However, I do get to help out with RC, which I've never done and I think every racer should do to get a better understanding of rankings, PHRF, handicaps, how much crap RC gets...etc. Should be fun and I'm looking forward to it. Not necessarily the racing, but just being out on the water with some regularity again.

And I would like to hone by ability to toss up and douse a spinnaker. I learned the basics last year but I'm still working on the speed aspect.

So I get to do that this week but hopefully a race next week.

This is our boat, Tango Too, last year early on in the season. I'm the furthest forward.

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